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Product Care

How to Best Treat & Protect Your C&B Bangles

  • Use a polishing cloth to always keep your bangles clean.
  • Make sure that if you are using any perfumes, skincare, or other beauty type products, that you apply these before putting on your C&B bangles. The chemicals of various products may erode our silver plated finish.
  • Always take off any of your C&B bangles before bathing, swimming, or enuring any type of extreme weather (rain, humidity, etc).
  • Always take off any of your C&B bangles before doing activities such as intensive labor or cleaning to avoid damage and tarnishing.
  • Always ensure your jewelry is 100% dry before storing.
  • **IMPORTANT** To avoid any kind of tarnish / markings to your bangles or skin, make sure to regularly clean your bangles; this is just oil or dirt stuck in or to the metal which can be easily cleaned off. 

Follow this link for instructions on how to add additional charms to your bangle.